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Rugloop is, above all, designed to capture all available data. For monitors providing a large number of data items, the data is arranged in different lines within the generated comma-separated file. This file structure sometimes requires lots of work to arrange properly. Therefore, the Excel Add-in  "ConvertRugloop.xla" was designed.

Download add-in

You can load a Microsoft® Excel add-in in one of two ways:

  • Manually   Open the Add-Ins dialog box on the Tools menu. If there is no add-in called "Rugloop data conversion", use the browe button to navigate to the location where you have downloaded the add-in. Make sure the "Rugloop data conversion x.y" is flagged upon closing the 'Add-ins' dialog.
  • Automatically when Excel starts   Save the downloaded add-in to the "..\ \Excel\XLStart" subfolder on your PC. You can change the location of the XLStart subfolder on the General tab of the Options dialog box (Tools menu).

While the add-in is loaded, you will find a menu item 'Convert rugloop file' in the 'tools' menu. Load one (or multiple) Rugloop data files (.rgl, .pk, .asp, ... extensions). If applicable, ignore Excel's suggestion to do data conversion, or use 'Delimited' without selecting a delimiter in the next page.

Next, run the 'Convert Rugloop file' on each loaded file. This will create a separate worksheet for each dataline in the source Rugloop file.

REMARK: new version: the Excel add-in was updated on 21/06/2010. A number of issues were solved. To install the new version, follow the same instructions, irrespective whether an older version was installed before. (in the latter case, make sure to put the new .xla file in the exact same directory as the older one). The new version has revision 1.5.